The PIONEER GRILL PACKAGE Combo is a versatile campfire grilling starter set.  It includes the Pioneer Grill that stakes into the campfire pit, an attachable rod to hold a pot over the fire and a sturdy grilling tool set in a compact case.  Take it with you anywhere.  

Designed for outdoorsman or woman on the go. Its sleek, two piece stake design ( 36″ total length ) allows you to take your Perfect CampfireGrill anywhere for your campfire cookout. An 18″ diameter grill rack is big enough to cook for many campers. The Pioneer has its own carrying bag, big enough to carry cooking utensils and included hot pad and glove. Like all The Perfect CampfireGrills, the patented Pioneer has the trademarked raise edge allowing the chef to position your food over the entire cooking area, right to the edge of the rack, without fear of loosing it to the fire. The grill rack connects to the stake with an L-Shaped screw. The stake is connected with a screw and connects snugly together with included wrenches.

Pot Dangler:  Dangle your coffee pot or Dutch Oven from its handle close to the flames. Get your cooking pot heated quickly then adjust up for simmering. The Pot Dangler is very handy while grilling at a separate height. The Pot Dangler comes with FREE carrying bag. Pot not included.

Made of stainless steel with hardwood handles, this is a nice set of tools. You get three pieces: a spatula, tongs & fork. They come with hot pad & glove and their own tote. The tote is washable too!

Contents of this package includes:

  • Grill Rack
  • Two-Piece Stake
  • Hot pad & glove
  • Carrying bags
  • Two-piece horizontal rod
  • BBQ Tool 5 pc. set



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