PREPWORKS Collapsible Kitchen Set Ensemble

Thinstore Collapsible Bowls, Measuring Cups, Dishpan Set



The Prepworks Thinstore Collapsible Storage Bowls are perfect for preparing foods or simply storing leftovers. Leak-resistant lids help reduce the chance of spills. Simply press to collapse the bowls for compact storage. Set includes a 1-1/2 cup (350 ml) bowl, a 3-cup (700 ml) bowl, and a 5-cup (1.2 L) bowl. Dishwasher safe. Weight: 1.1 lbs.

This Thinstore Measuring Cup set includes four cups which collapse for convenient storage, making it a great choice for boat galleys and RV kitchens where space is limited. Simply press the colored cups to expand for use. The cup design features beveled edges for cutting into hard-packed ingredients, and the oblong shape makes scooping out of narrow containers easier than ever. Set includes 1/4-cup, 1/3-cup, 1/2-cup, and 1-cup sizes. Standard and metric measurements are molded permanently into the handle and bottom of each cup.

The Thinstore Measuring Spoon set is great for boat galleys and RV kitchens where space is limited, this measuring spoon set easily scoops and levels dry ingredients. Sticky ingredients like honey and peanut butter release quickly from the flexible bottoms, and the beveled edges are great for cutting into hard-packed ingredients. Set includes 1/4-tsp, 1/2-tsp, 1-tsp, and 1-Tbsp sizes. Standard and metric measurements are permanently molded on each handle. Spoons are dishwasher-safe.

Collapsible Dishpan is the perfect all-purpose tub is ideal for multiple household or dockside tasks. Use at home for washing dishes and cleaning floors, and use by the dock for cleaning feet, watersports toys, or fishing gear. You can also take it camping to use as a dish tub or to hold cooking supplies. Raised feet allow water to flow underneath. Rigid design will stand firm, yet folds to a compact size for easy storage. Large 10-quart capacity. Tub measures 15″L x 12-1/2″W x 5-1/2″H open; 15″L x 12-1/2″W x 2″ closed.


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PREPWORKS Collapsible Kitchen Set Ensemble

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