Country Enamelware Kitchen Set

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The Country Enamelware Kitchen Collection is decorative, as well as functional. The Butter Dish, Utensil Holder and Canisters each have an inscription. The Colander has a handle on each side for easy use. The Set of 4 Measuring Cups has a measurement label on each cup.

These products are made with Quality Materials and are safe for daily use.

Detailed Product Specifications

Butter Dish
7-3/8″W x 5-1/4″D x 4″H
Enamel and iron

Utensil Holder
6″ dia. x 6-1/4″H
Enamel and iron

10-1/2″W x 9-3/8″D x 5-1/4″H
Enamel and iron

Set of 3 Canisters includes:
– Sugar, 12 oz.
– Tea, 24 oz.
– Coffee, 40 oz.
Enamel and iron

Set of 4 Measuring Cups includes:
– 1/4 Cup
– 1/3 Cup
– 1/2 Cup
– 1 Cup
Enamel and iron

Country Enamelware Kitchen Set