Our New 2020 Year!

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     A New Year has begun. Last years camping adventures have given us memories and inspirations. I am looking forward to doing a whole week to ten days camping in the mountains, solo if need be.


     I have always been fascinated by the Outdoors and Camping. As it stands, I will never get bored by spending too much time outside, as I endure seasonal allergies. So while my time available to ‘play outside’ may be limited, I will treasure each ‘time’ regardless of weather or location.
     Camping memories are spread throughout my life and I’ve shared them with my children and hope they will continue to carry on the tradition. From the time my mother took us camping on Galiano Island, BC and we tried fishing from the beach, to a long weekend at Yellowstone National Park, camping in a campground with a Big, sleepy Bison with my little family, to a camp-alone at my now favorite campsite in the Okanogan National Forest. These are just a few memories and there are yet more to make.
     Camp cooking can be a challenge, a dream, simple or extravagant, but it is always enjoyed by the company you keep. For those who travel alot, whether in an RV or just curbside, you need a versatile and compact camp kitchen system and tools. For the real outdoor lovers who stay longer to enjoy the trails and swells, you may want the few extras that will enhance your day’s catch. Even the seasonal or vacation campers want those special items that will help their whole trip come together. Whatever you may be looking for, YourCampKitchen.com would love to be there for you.
* Part of enjoying the wonderful Outdoors is knowing How to care for our environment and wildlife. Please be aware of your surroundings, Recreation & Rest, be mindful of others and local habitats. Thank you